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The amount of water in the ocean is sufficient to cover the entire Earth to a depth of about 8,000 feet if the surface of the earth was completely smooth.

Earth is unique among the planets of the solar system because it currently exhibits the only liquid water on any planet at the surface.

The interplay between the light from the Sun and the white, blue, green, and brown colors from the Earth which produce incredible vistas from mountain tops and space.This chapter will survey the current status of evidence of a few of the arguments for a young ocean and atmosphere.Water on the Earth About 2/3 of the surface of the Earth is covered by an ocean of water.But, in today’s skeptical culture in which many deny the existence of God or question his declarations in Scripture that He created the atmosphere on the second day of Creation and the ocean on the third day just a few thousand years ago, it is not enough to refer to beauty and design as evidence of His creative power and refer to the Bible as the record of His activities.Many now demand that independent evidence of a recent origin must be gleaned from the ocean and atmosphere directly to validate what Scripture says.

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